International Guitar Month @ Mojo’s Music

April is International Guitar Month and Mojo’s Music is excited to share some awesome new opportunities with you.  We are always looking for new ways to make buying, owning, and learning guitar easy for you.  Here are a few of the great month-long events we have for you:

  • First, at the beginning of 2022, we rolled out a new $99/month all-inclusive lesson program with its own portal to help you manage lessons and take the stress out of the learning process. Now, we are adding a $20 option to rent a guitar if you don’t already have one.  For just $119/month, you will get a guitar that will inspire you to keep playing and best of all, we handle all the maintenance for you.  So, whether you own a guitar or not, you can take advantage of our highly qualified, college-educated teaching staff.
  • Second, we know people are starting to do a lot more travelling. In many cases, traveling with a guitar can be difficult.  We are now offering you a chance to rent a Baby Taylor for your trips this summer.  If you love it and don’t want to give it back, all your rent payments will apply to purchase.  If you just need it to sit around a campfire in the mountains, we are cool with that too.
  • On April 22nd, we will be celebrating Earth Day by offering awesome opportunities to purchase Eco-conscious guitars from such makers as Taylor and Breedlove. On April 29th, we will be celebrating Arbor Day by offering some stunning wood combination guitars.
  • Finally, is it time to Trade Up? All during International Guitar Month, we will be doing a “Trade Up to A Taylor” event.  Bring in your existing guitar and trade it in for a Taylor (even if it is a lower model Taylor) and get some extraordinary deals on the guitar of your dreams.

As always, we have awesome financing opportunities, even if you don’t have any established credit.  Come see us and find out how you can start playing guitar or trade up to the guitar of your dreams today.