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Darkglass Exponent 500 Bass Amplifier Head (DEMO)

Darkglass Exponent 500 Bass Amplifier Head (DEMO)

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With the Exponent 500, Darkglass Electronics has created a device that “out of the box” is an amplifier without added effects. Uncomplicated, intuitive, and for each one of us to be able to unveil the layer of sophistication that better serves our projects and skills. The Exponent 500 is a new concept that once connected turns into a multi-effect, with fully programmable and presettable signal chains with all the components a professional bassist requires.

Exponent 500 Bass Amplifier Head Features:

  • 500 watts of ultra-clean analog bass power
  • Versatile digital modeling that can be completely bypassed for pure analog tone
  • Darkglass Suite app provides a wide DSP library of compressors, modulation, preamps, impulse responses, distortions, and more that can be accessed using USB-C and Bluetooth
  • Full MIDI control over all functions, including effects, presets, and parameters
  • Can be used as an audio interface through USB-C for easy DI recording
  • Effects loop send and return
  • Headphone out for silent practice
  • 4 ohm minimum load impedance
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