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Duesenberg Fairytale Goldburst Lap Steel

Duesenberg Fairytale Goldburst Lap Steel

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Wow....this Fairytale is stunning.  In fact, it is just plain insane.  The multibender is one of the coolest inventions on the planet and of course the Duesenberg pickups sound great.


The Fairytale is a solid mahogany body, dual pickup Lapsteel Guitar, featuring an integrated capodaster and our brilliant Multibender bridge system. It is the next generation Lapsteel guitar, sporting some improvements over our Pomona 6 Lapsteel introduced in 2008.

We are proud to introduce our new Duesenberg Fairytale lapsteel with Goldburst finish and many improved details, like the newest generation of the Duesenberg Multibender, the integrated capodaster, a new pickup combination with the new SingleTwin Domino hum-cancelling singlecoil and our GrandVintage humbucker.

The freely configurable Multibender is operated with the heel of the hand. Up to six levers (one per string) are mountable, which allow you to either raise or lower the notes on the individual strings to a preset setting.

Furthermore the integrated improved capo, which runs along a track on the anodized black aluminum fretboard, enables freedom of movement between all keys without sacrificing the typical lapsteel riffs and licks that rely on open strings.

A roll nut provides tuning stability, while the Duesenberg GrandVintage humbucker and the SingleTwin Domino hum-cancelling singlecoil deliver great tone and transparency in any situation. And the Duesenberg Speed pot controls work with a path of just 70˚ in order to achieve the lapsteel’s typical swelling “wah” effects.


Wood: Korina (+ maple top on headstock)

Width at nut:  65 mm / 2.56"

Size:     94 x 19 x 4,2 cm / 37" x 7.48" x 1.65"

Stringspacing: 54 mm / 2.13"

Fingerboard:   Black anodized aluminum

Scale length:   648 mm / 25.5"

Finish: PUR lacquer



Tuners:            Duesenberg Z-Tuners, "Art Diego" buttons

Bridge: Duesenberg Multibender

Hardware color:          Nickel

Strings:            Duesenberg DSL16 (016-018-026-036-046-056)



Pickup (neck): Duesenberg SingleTwin Domino

Pickup (bridge):           Duesenberg GrandVintage Humbucker

Wiring: 1 volume, 1 tone, 3-way pickup selector



Case:   Custom Line case (included)

Tools:  All required Allen keys (included)

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