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Genzler BA10-2 with Bag (USED)

Genzler BA10-2 with Bag (USED)

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This Genzler Bass Array cab was owned by a local gigging player who takes awesome care of his gear.  It was kept in a case when not being used.  There are a few marks on it but this is 100% killer sounding.

The Genzler Bass Array 10-2 is a compact and powerful bass guitar cabinet designed for professional bass players and musicians seeking high-quality sound reproduction and portability. It is part of Genzler Amplification's renowned Bass Array series, known for their innovative designs and exceptional audio performance.

The Bass Array 10-2 features a unique configuration that combines a forward-facing 10-inch neodymium woofer with a custom-designed 4-inch midrange driver and a 1-inch compression tweeter. This array configuration is intended to provide a broad and balanced dispersion of sound, ensuring even coverage across the stage or venue.

The cabinet is constructed using lightweight and durable materials, making it easy to transport and suitable for gigging musicians. It has a robust build quality, designed to withstand the rigors of touring and live performances. The cabinet's dimensions are compact, making it convenient for both studio use and smaller stage setups.

In terms of power handling, the Bass Array 10-2 can handle up to 350 watts RMS, allowing it to deliver ample volume and headroom for most performance situations. It features a high-quality crossover network that ensures seamless integration between the different drivers, resulting in a smooth and transparent sonic response.

The Genzler Bass Array 10-2 offers a wide frequency range, typically spanning from 45Hz to 15kHz. This extended frequency response enables deep and punchy low-end reproduction, detailed midrange definition, and clear highs. The adjustable tweeter level control allows players to fine-tune the high-frequency response to suit their personal preferences or performance needs.

On the rear panel, the cabinet provides various connectivity options. It includes a Speakon-style input and output for connecting to a bass amplifier, as well as a 1/4-inch input for additional flexibility. The cabinet also features a tweeter on/off switch, allowing players to tailor the high-frequency presence to match different playing styles or venue acoustics.

Overall, the Genzler Bass Array 10-2 combines innovative design, high-quality components, and a compact form factor to deliver a powerful and versatile bass guitar cabinet. Its unique array configuration ensures excellent dispersion and balanced sound reproduction, making it an ideal choice for professional bassists seeking a portable and reliable solution for their amplification needs.

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Troy Harms
Genzler BA10-2

Speaker cab was in exactly the condition stated (very good), shipped fast, and was packed very well. Nice price too!