Lava Retro Coil Cable (20' C-Blue, Straight to Right Angle) - Mojo's Music

Lava Retro Coil Cable (20' C-Blue, Straight to Right Angle)

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The revolutionary best-in-class Lava Retro Coil™ cable features an exclusive proprietary outer jacket that is a unique Hybrid Elastomeric Polymer blend that makes it the most rugged, light and durable coil cable available, in addition to allowing for bright vibrant colors and color combinations not seen with the competition. 

The Lava Retro Coil™ is the only coiled guitar cable on the market entirely Made in the USA – this includes bulk cable, plugs and final assembly.

Wind your tone to new heights with a Lava Retro Coil™


  • 99.99% oxygen-free copper low strand count copper conductor
  • Sounds just right, neither too dark nor too bright
  • Unique hybrid elastomeric polymer blend outer jacket
  • Minimizes the tone-killing effects of high capacitance
  • Superior shielding
  • Low noise
  • All plug options available to include G&H Silent plug