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Mesa Boogie

Mesa Boogie Transatlantic TA-15 2-Channel 25 Watt Guitar Amp Head

Mesa Boogie Transatlantic TA-15 2-Channel 25 Watt Guitar Amp Head

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Just traded in, this Mesa has all kinds of tones available as well as different power levels to tick all the boxes you need in an amp.  Let us know if you have any questions.

Here is what the Mesa manual says about this amp.

Congratulations on your choice of the Transatlantic TA-15 and Welcome to the MESA/ Boogie Family.  The instrument you have chosen redefines the micro amp genre by including preamp and power options that seem near impossible for an amplifier with such a humble footprint.  However, don’t judge this dynamo by its size, but rather by the incredible Tone it produces that will allow you to access new levels of inspiration and expression.


Two footswitch-able Channels cross the Atlantic with seamless finesse and give you a passport to the best British and American preamp sounds in two straightforward groups of four controls.  The five preamp modes (2 in Ch.1 - 3 in Ch. 2) are selected with a simple mini toggle located in the top position in each Channel.  Along with this array of iconic preamps the TA-15 offers three amazing power choices in each Channel, each of which allow you to perfectly tune the power to enhance each of the the preamp Modes.  The result of all this flexibility is a fully capable live performance amp that would fit in your lunchbox, as well as a recording chameleon that can morph into virtually any classic you might need in the studio.


Our 40-year commitment to excellence along with our solemn promise to musicians - to treat each of them as we ourselves would wish to be treated - guarantees you an experience that will make you feel truly justified in your choice.  We’re confident your new amplifier will have you smiling and inspired within minutes of plugging in for the first time.  However, what’s really gratifying is that you will be finding new and inspiring sounds years after the price of admission has faded from memory and the Transatlantic continues to unveil its true worth.


It’s with our sincere thanks for trusting us with your TONE and our best wishes for all your musical endeavors that we welcome you home.  Should you ever need assistance or guidance we’re here to help.  You now have in your hands an instrument of limitless expression.  Our hope is that it takes you and your playing to new and unimagined places throughout your musical journey.  From all of us here at MESA…Enjoy!

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