Suhr Hombre
Suhr Hombre
Suhr Hombre
Suhr Hombre
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Suhr Hombre

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The Hombre is in town and it is bad to the bone.  Call with any questions!

Hombre, Suhr’s take on the classic Brownface tones that have inspired John Suhr since his early days as a guitarist. The intention was clear: create a modern take on these classic designs while preserving the vintage heritage.

The purity of the signal path is part of Hombre’s beauty. It results in a playing experience that is incredibly dynamic and touch-sensitive. A simple turn of the volume and tone controls will put a shocking range of sound at your fingertips.

Clean tones are classic, gorgeous and bell-like, but make no mistake, this amp is a dirty little combo. It wants to be pushed into sweet overdrive, conjuring tones from the 1970s era of Texas blues-rock.

The onboard Dynamic Tube Bias tremolo imparts an unmistakably rich, sought after sound, that simply can’t be imitated. Hombre is driven by a ~20-watt 6V6 power section and features a lightweight cabinet loaded with a 12″ Celestion V-Type speaker.

Hombre features a Normal and Bright channel with straightforward Volume and Tone controls. A simple, transparent signal path is something many players find alluring due to the purity of tone and superb dynamic range.

Our goal was to maintain the vintage characteristics while simultaneously making some improvements to the design. Painstaking attention was given to the component layout and signal path to reduce noise. Hombre is equipped with custom made transformers that are wound on paper bobbins and made in the USA.

Bias Tremolo circuits are truly unique in that the effect is created by modulating the bias of the power tubes. As the power tube bias is lowered and raised, it imparts an unmistakably rich, sought after sound, that only a Tube Bias Tremolo can.

There’s a distinct interaction that exists between the tremolo and the dynamics of the musician. The intensity of the tremolo can be influenced by how hard or soft the guitar is played. When the amp is pushed harder, or the musician plays harder, the tremolo effect is less noticeable, yet as the signal decays the effect becomes more apparent. This results in a stunning effect that lives and breathes with the music.

Hombre is a lightweight 1×12 combo that is the perfect grab-and-go companion for both gigs and studio sessions. The cabinet is a vintage design made from box jointed pine and features a floating baffle. After many hours of listening and testing, we chose a 12″ Celestion® V-Type speaker to accompany Hombre.



Available in 100V, 120V, 230V, and 240V configurations


Volume, Tone (Normal). Volume, Tone (Bright). Speed, Intensity (Tremolo)


Foot-switchable Tube-Biased Tremolo (Active In Normal & Bright Inputs)


2x Normal, 2x Bright


18 watts




8Ω (safe to operate at 4Ω or 16Ω - see user guide)


Box Jointed Pine


Vintage Palomino Nubtex


Tan/Brown Wheat


12" Celestion® V-Type


3x 12AX7


2x 6V6


1x 5AR4


Includes single button foot-switch for tremolo activation


20.84" W x 18.1" H x 9.52" D