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About Us

Hello and welcome! We are Tom and Jamie Pullen, the proud owners of Mojo's Music since 2019. Tom's journey with Mojo's Music started back in 2000. With a deep love for music ingrained in us from an early age, we are passionate about serving fellow musicians.

Nestled in the bustling heart of downtown Edwardsville, IL, just a stone's throw away from St. Louis, Mojo's Music stands tall on Main Street, a place we lovingly call home. Stepping into downtown Edwardsville is akin to a nostalgic visit to Mayberry, where everyone knows each other’s names and conversations flow freely. It's a vibrant community that cherishes the arts and embraces all who come its way.

The rhythm of Main Street is set by people shopping, taking leisurely strolls with their furry companions, or simply enjoying a cup of coffee. Not uncommonly, celebrities swing by to shop before gracing the stage at the nearby Wildey Theater. We are deeply grateful for the warm reception and sense of belonging this community offers us.

At Mojo's Music, we firmly believe that every musician, whether starting their musical journey, seeking weekend solace in tunes, or pursuing a global music career, deserves utmost attention and respect. Allow us to pamper you with unparalleled service, whether you're a seasoned pro or a novice enthusiast. No appointments necessary – just drop by, and let's share our passion for music together!


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